Tablao Flamenco in Seville

Enjoy a flamenco show in a tablao next to the Cathedral of Seville.


A flamenco show at the foot of the Giralda and the Cathedral of Seville

Enjoy a show in the best flamenco tablao in Seville. We want you to be part of a flamenco show and live a unique experience.

An authentic and unforgettable experience. You will be together with the singers, guitarists and dancers, in an intimate and familiar way.

Tablao Flamenco Sevilla

Flamenco Tablao in Seville

Our flamenco tablao in Seville is a place full of charm, located at the foot of the Giralda, right next to the Cathedral of Seville.

It is a small flamenco theater, very intimate, where you will be very close to the stage. We like our public and artists to be in direct contact, so that you can take away with you the experience of a lifetime. An unforgettable experience.

Therefore, you and your family or friends will be seated very close to the artists and you will be able to see how they put into practice the art of flamenco and the feeling they carry inside.

Book your ticket and enjoy a flamenco show in the center of Seville with the best dancers, singers and guitarists.

Seville, cradle of flamenco

Seville is a beautiful and different city, where history and culture mixed to create flamenco. We say that Seville is the cradle of flamenco that it is the result of the mixture of all the cultures that have passed through our land throughout history.

If you visit Seville, a good flamenco performance is a must. The singing, dancing and guitar playing will make your hair stand on end.

We offer youthe unique opportunity to get to know flamenco the way we Sevillians do it.

You will live flamenco, and you will love it.

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A flamenco tablao, the ideal place to enjoy the show

Flamenco tablaos have occupied, for decades, a privileged place in the history of flamenco. They are meeting points for professionals, amateurs and flamenco critics. Places where the bases and roots of flamenco art are found.

The most prestigious flamenco singers, dancers and guitarists have learned and earned much of their fame in the flamenco tablaos. All this, of course, with the peculiarity of being enclaves in which the family and cozy atmosphere reigns.

Therefore, we could not imagine a better place to program this show than in a flamenco tablao.

Tablao Flamenco Sevilla


For all family and friends

Flamenco in the center of Seville

You will meet the artists

You will love the place

Traditional Flamenco in Seville

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Tablao Flamenco Sevilla

Flamenco in Seville

If you are looking for a flamenco show in Seville, you are in the right place The city of Seville is part of its origin and there is no better place to enjoy a good flamenco show. Did you know that flamenco was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO? The pure expression of feeling is reflected in every step, in every note and in every guitar strumming.

Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is proudly the birthplace of flamenco. It is considered as such because it is the result of all the cultures that have passed through the years. And it is demonstrated through the tablaos and peñas where all the spectators are emotionally amazed. The mixture of the passage through Seville of Romans, Muslims and Jews has given rise to what we know today as flamenco. However, it was not until the 18th century that it began to be treated as a musical genre.

Flamenco in Seville is a direct inheritance of the peñas, the thematic spaces, the old singing cafés and some bars, and the tablao today is the place par excellence where the public can appreciate this art through all the senses. It is in the tablaos where people create and improvise, where the magic of Sevillian flamenco is experienced.

Tablao Flamenco Sevilla, a family tablao

The best show is enjoyed in the Tablao Flamenco Sevilla, which takes place in one of its most emblematic spots, next to the Cathedral and its iconic Giralda. Due to its location, it is the perfect place for those families and groups of friends who wish to visit the most important monuments of the city around the Cathedral, as well as enjoy a live flamenco show at the end of the day.

The theater where the shows take place is small and intimate. It is an ideal place to enjoy an authentic and non-commercial experience. You will undoubtedly experience a most enriching and entertaining event. You will never forget the great passion transmitted by the singers, guitarists and dancers of Tablao Flamenco Sevilla. Above all, you will remember for the rest of your life how close and familiar you feel at any of their shows. As well as the complicity that is created between the artists and the public.

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